What software to go to real for pixel ?

| Aug 17, 2016 | Softwares

What software to switch from pixel to real object ?


Fusion 360 is professional CAD and CAM software can design the item and directly after prepare toolpatch for CNC

The software Fusion 360 is cloud software create by a big compagny Autodesk
Fusion 360 is free for Student, Teatcher and small compagny have under 100 000 USD of business

If you whant machining a design don’t create by Fusion 360, you can upload your design in CAMBAM CAD Software
CAMBAM is a professionnal CAD software with many fonction and licence is cheap about 150USD.

If you use Fusion 360 no need use CAMBAM

Here videos presentation come from Autodesk Taiwan


Here a website of guy use Fusion 360 and CNC to create beautifull items in wood


Visit is channel have video how to use Fusion 360

TV report about Phone case he doing with CNC

Here a video explain how to download and install Notepad++